Creating an Effective Pearl Display

Nov 7 2018

Samuel Jones Pearls on the Road As a core tenet of our business, the Samuel Jones Pearls sales team has the great privilege of calling on shops up and down the UK. Between them, with over 100 years combined experience of selling jewellery to the

Samuel Jones Pearls Blog

7 Lessons From The Road, by Samuel Jones Pearls

Feb 5 2018

Considering our 102 year history, and with over 150 combined years of working with pearls under our roof today, you would have thought that had heard it all. Surprisingly, we are sometimes forced to scratch our collective heads and consult each other when we’re posed

Japanese Akoya Pearl

SJP returns from a pearl buying trip to the Far East

Sep 22nd 2017

                The importance of good pearls Having spent an incredibly busy week visiting pearl suppliers and farms in the Far East, Richard and Jack have been collecting thoughts – wondering at times exactly what happened! Read their previous blog

SJP Pearl Faming

SJPearls’ final Pearl Buying trip of 2017

Sep 8 2017

Father and son team Richard and Jack head off to the Far East on one of 2017’s Pearl buying trips this Sunday. As well as looking to update SJPearl’s range of 9 and 18 carat jewellery and spot emerging trends at Hong Kong’s Jewellery and Gem

Detachable pearl earrings – something to consider?

Aug 8 2017

After a thoroughly enjoyable time at the CMJ show recently, we noticed particular interest in our earrings with a detachable pearl. Both our D047 and D089 earrings, the latter notably modelled by the Duchess of Cambridge gained much interest. Have a look on our website

Happy new year!

Jan 11 2017

Happy New Year to all our friends and customers. This is a South Sea Pearl lying in it`s shell on a sunny Australian Beach, Oh to join it!! As we look forward to 2017 the price of cultured and South Sea Pearls remains steady. At

Pearls On Trend

Aug 26 2015

Who says pearls are old fashioned? Not us, and certainly not the most up to date fashionistas – pearls are very ‘on trend’ and can be found in many a fashion shoot or high street window – even Rihanna loves her pearls! We can supply

Golden Pearls

Aug 21st 2015

Golden Pearls – are these the new trend in pearls? Carefully hand selected from our Japanese and South Sea Pearl suppliers, we have a good selection of these highly sought after, beautiful, golden pearls. Match to a single, beautiful statement stud or dressed up for

New Website for Internationl Jewellery Show

Aug 15 2015

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website, in conjunction with the 2015 Internationl Jewellery Show in London, from the 6th to the 8th of September 2015. We will be exhibiting our traditional top quality akoya pearls together with a range of